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FlatPackManchester - FAQ's

Here is a guide to how Flat Pack Manchester works.

Flat Pack Manchester is an assembly service covering all of Manchester. We use only experienced fitters with good quality tools who usually use public transport to come to your home or office to assemble your flatpack furniture and any other odd jobs.

We can help you with assembly of all kinds of flatpack furniture. Whether you need assembly of office flatpack furniture, garden furniture flatpack assembly or if its flatpack furniture to be assembled at your home, we can help. At Flat Pack Manchester we have experience with all kinds of flatpack furniture.

Here is an in depth look at how long various pieces of furniture take to be assembled.

Firstly the most important factor in deciding how long a particular piece of flatpack furniture will take to assemble is its complexity (size of the furniture, the manufacturer and the assembly space available). This means that a small item of furniture such as a chest of drawers could take longer than a large but simple wardrobe.

Each extra feature (i.e. drawers, soft closers sliding doors etc) will add time to the assembly time. Which manufacturer the flatpack furniture is from can make a big difference in how complicated the assembly could be. For instance flat pack furniture from Wickes or Bo Concept can take longer to assemble, whereas Ikea, A-space and Harvey’s are generally quicker.

Some Larger Pieces of flatpack furniture need to be assembled on their face and then stood half way through the assembly. This means that you will need an assembly space at least the size of the face of the item with a space to stand it up into plus room to work around it.

If it’s bedroom flatpacked furniture you need assembling here is a rough guide to the time it would take to assemble various pieces of bedroom furniture.

The most common pieces of furniture we assemble are wardrobes. Obviously wardrobes vary in size and shape and the assembly time it takes varies accordingly. A 2 door flatpack wardrobe with no drawers would typically be assembled in 60mins. For each extra door, add around half an hour to the assembly time and for each drawer add an extra 10 mins. So a flatpacked wardrobe (60mins) with 3 doors (30mins) with 3 drawers (30mins) would take around 2hours to assemble. To add sliding doors to a flatpack wardrobe may add an extra 30mins to the assembly but this can vary quite a lot. As mentioned the assembly time for wardrobes does vary so some simple flat packed free-standing wardrobes can be assembled in 30 mins, whereas certain larger more complicated sliding door wardrobes can take in excess of 6hours.

For a more accurate estimate please call 07843 255 730 to speak to David.

A flatpacked chest of drawers will take about 20mins to assemble the main frame (carcass) and as with wardrobes add around 10mins per drawer. Other flatpack bedroom furniture such as tallboys, armoires or cabinets can use the same assembly formula as for a chests of drawers. Bedside cabinets take around 20mins to assemble. Flatpacked trunks, bureaus, desks, dressers, dressing tables, french or welsh dressers usually take around 30mins for assembly.

Beds are usually quite straight forward but there are many different types, so lets start with the most simple. A single flatpack bed can be assembled in anything from 20mins, a double bed would take around 30mins and a kingsize around 45 mins. If the bed has drawers or a truckle these will add around an extra 10mins of assembly time. Flatpacked bunk-beds can usually be assembled in an hour and cabin beds within 2hours. You can figure out how long other pieces of furniture would take to assemble based on similar equations.

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